Water Levels Cooperate – First Winter Steelhead!

On Monday 3/14/11, one of our awesome customers Mike went out on the river for a day with Jad. They got out, and the fishing pressure was low, and the water levels were looking great. The weather held off relatively compared to what the local area had been receiving as of late. Mike said that they did not get rained on until the very end of the day when nature decided to pelt down hard.

While fishing in one of the holes, Jad looked down at Mike and saw he was tight to a chrome bright fish. Mike fought the fish as it breached the water and made some nice runs. After a nice enduring battle, the dime bright hen yielded to the net. Success! The beautiful wild hen was briefly admired before being set back on her coarse upriver to take care of her business.

Mike had four other grabs, but nothing else ended up sticking onto the end of the line. Mike then rowed Jad down the river; so he could feel like he was guiding Jad. Jad ended up being able to kick back for a little bit while feeling the luxury of Mike rowing him down. All in all a great day out on the river.

If you are interested in booking a trip for winter steelhead, or any of our other flyfishing destinations call us at (503)-639-6400 or email us at travel@kman.com.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/NorthwestFlyFishingBlog/~3/Dl35K3XFMQY/water-levels-cooperate-first-winter.html

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