Went fishing this morning

And because of the nice weather, so did everyone else and their brother apparently, LOL!  Got up early to beat the rush, and we did, but their wasn’t much of a morning bite at our first stop.  By the time we got to 2nd area at 8:30am, there wasn’t much room to move around, so we staked out our little stretch.

Today my buddy and I each caught 8, mine were 2 on IMA Square Bill, 2 on a tube & 6 on a shakey beaver.  I ended up getting one over 3lbs and another right at 4lbs, so at least there was some quality today.  This could very well be the last trip on this fishing license, as the bass season ends at the end of this month.

This fish is bigger then it looks, between 19″ & 20″ when referenced against my Dobyns 702 SF .

That being sad, listed a few things on my Bass Fishing eBay Store this weekend and here is a nice article on how not to ruin your fishing equipment over the winter.  Some things are simple, but I think many anglers still make these mistakes.

Still time to sign up for my BASS Fantasy Fishing leauge – http://www.bassmasterfantasy.com/GroupHome.aspx?groupId=539

Source: http://bassinblog.richlindgren.com/2011/02/13/went-fishing-this-morning.aspx?ref=rss

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