Native Steelhead Time!

Fishing has been pretty darn good as a general rule of thumb this winter so far, and now is that time of the winter steelhead season where the native wild fish runs are in full force. Recently we had a scenario that you do not usually have to contend with in the Pacific Northwest, but it also halted as of this past weekend. We had too low of flows for most of the area rivers, and we were facing a long dry spell ~ GO FIGURE! The rains started up again, and the rivers just rose to levels that will encourage fish passage again. When the water was low, fish passage was at a minimum, but the native winter fish were tick tacking in, instead of coming in as a “run” of fish. It is not to say that you couldn’t pick fish off during the dry spell. Conversely, it is also better to have the water be too low, than for it to be too high.

Now that the rivers have risen, there should be a bunch of fish that will be pulling into your favorite winter steelhead stream. When the waters recede, it will be time to get yourself out there. Opportunities to catch gorgeous wild native winter steelhead will be abound when the rivers drop down; so get yourself out there.


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