Tragedy Strikes Japan!

From Yahoo News……

“A ferocious tsunami spawned by one of the largest earthquakes on record slammed Japan’s eastern coast Friday, killing hundreds of people as it swept away ships, cars and homes while widespread fires burned out of control.”

Click Here For News Link – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Story

Click Here For Tsunami Warnings

Click Here For Hawaii Tsunami Warnings/Information/Evacuation Routes/Evacuation Centers

Kiribati ends tsunami alert


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Turkey Hunter Bags a Tom Using KillZone Pop Up Blind

Dave Frank from Arenzille, Illinois earns the bragging rights for this 23.5 lb turkey shot from a KillZone Pop Up Blind. This was Dave’s first kill using his new hunting blind. He is pictured below next to his turkey and decoys. The KillZone Turret Pop Up ground blind is available in Autumn Wooded Oak (as […]


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Jakob’s Christmas Island Trip – Check it out!

Click Here To See Christmas Island Post & Photo Album


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Support your local Urban Fly Fisher!

It is my birthday today (Easter Monday) and it is a nice chilled out day with the family. I plan to do some  urban fishing tomorrow with Theo Pike and then some non urban stuff on Friday all going well.

Reader numbers have jumped in the last month or so ? probably […]


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Hiking and Geocaching at Preservation Park!

Hey! Maax here! Last Year, the weather was so super, duper, amazing on Easter Day, Tami and David took Ben and I geocaching with a picnic lunch up at the Poland Spring Preservation Park. They have five miles of well … Continue reading


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Weekly Water Photo ? 19 of 52 (inc. pro tip)

Pro Fucking Tip:  If your pregnant wife is 3 days over her due date and she gives you permission to go fishing no matter what the conditions you just go – no questions!

Got that?


Let us continue…

Let is just say this is the water photo – get that out the […]


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Trail Camera Warm Up

by Scott Bestul

It’s a month or so until I get serious about setting trail cams for deer. But doggone it, I just like playing with the things. So when my kids started feeding birds on our deck this week (one of those projects that starts due to something they read in 6th grade science class), I dust off a trail camera and eventually took these pictures.

There are a surprising number of parallels between shooting an oriole and snapping a whitetail’s photo. Of course you have to place the camera in a spot where the animal appears with some regularity; the kids had that covered with their bait pile of grape jelly, raisins, and diced oranges.

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